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Revolutionizing Vision Testing

When it comes to diagnosing functional vision issues and setting patients on the path to improvement, RightEye offers a revolutionary solution. We’re proud to offer this service in our practice, helping patients gain valuable insights into their impairments.

How Does RightEye Testing Work?

RightEye’s functional vision IQ tests are quick, non-invasive assessments that take approximately five minutes to perform. The tests are conducted on a special table that adjusts to the patient’s optimal position, typically around 56 centimeters. With sensors placed at the bottom of the computer, the system synchronizes the patient’s eye movements with the instructions given during the test.

During the testing process, RightEye evaluates pursuits (eye movements tracking moving objects), vertical and horizontal saccades (rapid eye movements), and static positions. The system also takes into account the patient’s feedback on any dizziness or fatigue experienced during the test. By comparing the results to the standard deviation of other individuals in the same age group, chiropractors can identify visual tracking impairments accurately.

Why Test?

The eyes play a crucial role in how the brain processes information and how the body responds. By evaluating a patient’s eye movements and visual perception, we can gain valuable insights into your overall neurological function. This allows our team to better understand whether dizziness, nausea, or headache symptoms may be related to visual tracking impairments.

Through targeted exercises, such as pursuit exercises, our chiropractor can help your brain reestablish proper communication with the eyes. By addressing the underlying visual issues, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and other treatments can become more effective in relieving symptoms and promoting overall well-being.

The Impact of RightEye Testing

RightEye testing has had a significant impact on many patients’ lives, improving their overall functionality and quality of life. By identifying and addressing visual tracking impairments, chiropractors can help patients overcome symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, and neck pain.

A real-life example involves a college baseball player who had experienced a severe concussion but denied having any headaches. Through RightEye testing, his visual tracking impairments were identified, and he was provided with targeted exercises to improve his brain-eye coordination. As a result, not only did his physical symptoms improve, but his overall performance on the baseball field also saw significant enhancements.

Experience the Power of RightEye

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