he has gone above and beyond

I have been a Patient of Dr. Smith for the last three years and he has gone above and beyond everyone else in Las Cruces. Being a competitive bodybuilder I have been getting chiropractic care for 6 years and have tried almost every one in the city. I have also experienced the pain of a bad adjustment and a stiff neck following an adjustment. When I was told about Dr. Smith I was interested because of his background, education and experience in soft tissue techniques that are not performed in this area. For example Graston, which has changed my ability to lift heavier and harder in the gym. If you have not herd about it google it. Any lifter would highly benefit form this technique. Or cupping, remember Phelps and the Olympics with all the cup marks on him, well Dr. Smith does this as well and it brings immediate relief to your sore muscles. Overall if you are looking for the best care, experiences and up to date techniques look no further then Dr. Smith. He has it all and you wont have to wait 20-40 minutes to see him like other places in town.

Kyle Kozloski