Personal/Auto Injury:

If you have been involved in a car or motorcycle collision and have sustained injuries from the collision, you deserve to receive treatment for those injuries. Soft tissue damage can occur at as slow as 5 mph and lead to chronic pain for a person involved in a low-impact collision. At Smith Wellness in Las Cruces, we treat all types of car and motorcycle collisions and can work with your attorney if you have one. Dr. Smith has been treating car and motorcycle wreck patients over the past 12 years with a high rate of success. He can treat you in the clinic, refer for basic or advanced imaging if needed, work with the local emergency departments, and can even get you to a medical doctor for pain management if needed. If you’re unsure what to do after being involved in a collision, Dr. Smith can even do a free consult advising you if you’re an appropriate chiropractic patient and would see chiropractic benefits.

Sports Injury:

Dr. Smith has spent the last 12 years treating all types of athletes, from the most amateur to an elite professional. He has an intimate understanding of body mechanics and sports injuries, and with this knowledge he can help you get back on the playing field faster with optimal results. He was the official chiropractor for the 2007 National Bench Press and Powerlifting Championship; 2008 USA Judo Championship and Olympic Qualifier; the 4th-ranked figure skater in the U.S. from 2009-2012; and the MMA fight doctor in 2009. Whether you’re a weekend warrior wanting to get back to playing in local volleyball tournaments or you’re working up to your first professional fight, Dr. Smith will be able to help you achieve the most optimal results. Release your muscle tension and get pain relief with regular chiropractic adjustments and more.

Worker’s Compensation:

If you have been injured at work and are looking for chiropractic care, Dr. Smith and the Smith Wellness team have professional experience dealing with workman’s comp cases in New Mexico. We work with medical providers across Las Cruces who refer WC patients, and we strive to return each patient back to his or her optimum level.

Nutritional Supplements:

We offer a wide variety of supplements to help with everyday ailments and recovery of acute and chronic injuries. Whether you’re in Las Cruces itself or in the Truth or Consequences, Lordsburg, El Paso, or Alamogordo areas, Dr. Smith can help you choose the best supplementation regime for your lifestyle.

Active Rehab:

Dr. Smith has been doing active rehab since he started practicing 12 years ago in the Washington D.C. area. He has extensive knowledge in functional exercises and can help you get back on track for your day-to-day living. He is certified in Selective Functional Movement Assessments and Functional Movement Screens. Dr. Smith likes to combine many different rehab techniques to give each patient the best plan to achieve their optimal results. When you search for a “chiropractor near me,” you want someone like Dr. Smith because he sees the whole picture and is experienced enough to offer you many different forms of pain relief.

Massage Therapy:

Massage therapy is a complementary form of musculoskeletal treatment that helps relax the muscles and the body through a natural treatment of soft tissue injuries. The benefits of massage therapy may include the increase of blood circulation, a localized reduction in swelling, and relaxation of muscles. Massage has been known to relieve muscle pain and spasms and increase a patient’s range of motion while also aiding in a patient’s recovery. We have licensed massage therapists who have the experience and desire to help patients reach their best state of health through soft tissue work. We offer massages both through insurance and on a cash basis. These massage services can help with lower back pain treatment, back pain treatment overall, and neck pain relief.


If you have pain in your neck or lower back or pain caused by disc problems, then you may be able to benefit from chiropractic traction therapy. This therapy is used when it is beneficial to gently pull apart the vertebrae slightly where the disc is damaged. It is painless. Separating them just slightly enables healing to take place and pain relief is often felt immediately. This will help the disc to get more nourishment and to begin the healing process. This lower back pain treatment is ideal for lower back and neck pain relief.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation:

Electric stimulation therapy is a therapeutic treatment that applies electrical stimulation in treating muscle spasms and pain. It can help prevent atrophy and build strength in patients with sports injuries and other injuries. It is also helpful in keeping muscles active, especially after strokes or any type of spinal cord injury.

Pediatric patients:

Is your child experiencing injuries from sports or other causes? Visit our family chiropractic. Dr. Smith has treated a wide range of pediatric patients, from babies to high school seniors ready to graduate. He can treat children for all types of musculoskeletal injuries from car wrecks, sprained ankles from running around or pain from unknown causes. Our chiropractor office provides an inviting atmosphere for families and kids, so visit us today for sports injuries, neck tension, spinal adjustments, and more. We help patients not only in Las Cruces, but also patients from the surrounding areas of Truth or Consequences, Lordsburg, El Paso, and Alamogordo.

Foot Levelers:

    • Here at Smith Wellness in Las Cruces, we offer Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics. We have brought in the company’s state-of-the-art kiosk, which allows patients to scan their own feet, pick an orthotic, and have the educational material emailed directly to them. Dr. Smith will go over all educational material, explain the benefits of custom orthotics and even be able to do a gait analysis while you’re in the clinic. Dr. Smith believes Foot Levelers offer the best support, whether you’re a long-distance runner or regularly walk around the mall. We can have custom-fit orthotics made to fit your tennis shoes or dress shoes, and we can even have sandals made especially for you! Dr. Smith has used several brands of orthotics over the years, but he has had the best results with Foot Levelers. You can stop in and get your free foot scan today!