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Jonathan Smith


Jonathan Smith

Expert in Chiropractic Treatment

Dr. Jonathan Smith, is a chiropractor who grew up in Chattanooga, TN, and has practiced in different states such as Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Washington, D.C., and licensed in Florida. Dr. Smith went to school for his undergraduate at Middle Tennessee State, then went on for his graduate and doctorate degrees in Kansas City, MO. at Cleveland Chiropractic. He has been practicing for 15 years and has been fortunate enough to experience working with highly knowledgeable doctors and receive mentorship that has made him the doctor that he is today, and with that experience and knowledge gained, he has been able to help patients get the care they deserve.

Dr. Smith wanted to create a clinic which focuses on serving and loving Las Cruces and providing exceptional musculoskeletal healthcare. He has had the 
great privilege of working with all types of patients from professional/elite level athletes, chronic pain patients, auto accident patients, workers compensation, pediatric patients, geriatric patients, and everyone in between. He believes that Smith Wellness focuses on putting the care back into healthcare, and that every patient deserves the same level of care that a professional athlete receives when they walk into a clinic. Smith Wellness will focus on the person and listen to their concerns from the first visit – taking a team approach on helping them achieve their healthcare goals. Whether it is treating in the office with conservative care or referring out for a more comprehensive treatment to other specialties in the area. He is a strong believer in serving Las Cruces and all surrounding areas by serving each individual patient one at a time.

Dr. Smith enjoys spending time with his family traveling, going hiking, camping, 
riding bikes, hanging out with his cats and dog, and just being active whether indoors or outdoors.

Professional Education


Diploma in Chiropractic

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Practical Training

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Professional Experience

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