If you have been involved in a car or motorcycle collision and have sustained injuries from the collision, you deserve to receive treatment for those injuries. Soft tissue damage can occur at as slow as 5 mph and lead to chronic pain for a person involved in a low-impact collision. At Smith Wellness in Las Cruces, we treat all types of car and motorcycle collisions and can work with your attorney if you have one. Dr. Smith has been treating car and motorcycle wreck patients over the past 12 years with a high rate of success. He can treat you in the clinic, refer for basic or advanced imaging if needed, work with the local emergency departments, and can even get you to a medical doctor for pain management if needed. If you’re unsure what to do after being involved in a collision, Dr. Smith can even do a free consult advising you if you’re an appropriate chiropractic patient and would see chiropractic benefits.