That pain in your back doesn’t seem to be going away, even though you’ve been stretching and working out. By the time you make it in to your local chiropractor, the pain is practically unbearable. Instead of procrastinating your chiropractic adjustment, seek help as soon as you notice there’s a problem. On top of this, you should also regularly visit a family chiropractic to ensure the health, comfort, and safety of your back and neck.

So when you’re desperately searching for a “chiropractor near me” in a moment of pain, schedule your appointment — and go ahead and schedule at least one per month moving forward while you’re at it. Why? Well, our blog today will tell you six of the major benefits of regular chiropractic care. Schedule your appointment today with Smith Wellness in Las Cruces. Our back pain doctor regularly helps patients from Truth or Consequences, Lordsburg, El Paso, Alamogordo, and, of course, Las Cruces.

Headache Relief

Believe it or not, tension and migraine headaches are both often caused by back pain or spinal issues. By getting a spinal adjustment or chiropractic massage monthly, you can make sure your back is aligned properly and eliminate or decrease headaches.

Improved Digestion

You may think digestion is all about your stomach, but the nerves running through your spine also control your stomach. So, if the vertebrae in your spine aren’t aligned properly, then your nerves could signal for more acid production — which would then result in gas, heartburn, acid reflux, and more. By receiving chiropractic care regularly, you can improve your digestion and decrease stomach problems over time.

Increased Energy

For all you know, your decreased energy lately could be from your body compensating for your lower or upper back pain or even for your neck pain. A chiropractic adjustment can reduce tension in your spine — tension you may not have even known you have — and will increase your energy by releasing all that excess pressure.

Decreased Lower Back Pain

This is an obvious benefit of chiropractic treatment, right? More than 80 percent of Americans will experience an episode of low back pain during their life. Instead of relying on pills or surgeries, a non-invasive spinal adjustment from a chiropractor could be the answer for a lower back pain treatment.

Reduced Inflammation

As you’ve aged, you’ve surely noticed how pervasive inflammation can be — and just how much it affects the rest of your body. One of the many benefits of chiropractic care includes lowering inflammation, which, in turn, can lower your risk of developing diseases.

Reduced Blood Pressure

High blood pressure medications can have negative side effects, including fatigue, anxiety, extreme weight loss, nausea, and dizziness. A chiropractic adjustment can offer the same effect as taking high blood pressure medications — without the negative side effects.

Chiropractor Near Me In Las Cruces

Whether you’re looking for neck pain relief, a lower back pain treatment, or are interested in deep tissue massages, Smith Wellness can help. Next time you’re looking for a “chiropractor near me,” we hope you think of us. Our licensed and professional chiropractic clinic can offer you the pain relief you’ve been searching for. Contact us today.