After a sports injury, work injury, or simply general pain in your neck or back, almost everyone will reach for their phone and search for help. What is that for you? Do you reach out to a family member or a doctor? Chances are high that you might search for a “chiropractor near me.”

Recovering from an injury can leave you distressed and in pain, and a chiropractor can help. Be it a deep tissue massage, a lower back pain treatment, or another service, a chiropractor can help offer the neck pain relief and back pain relief you’re looking for. Read on to learn how our chiropractor in Las Cruces can help, and then contact Smith Wellness today to schedule your appointment.

General Neck Or Back Pain

If you’re suffering from neck or back pain of any sort, a family chiropractic can most likely help. Relieve that muscle tension or neck tension and finally get some back or neck pain relief when you find a chiropractor and visit their office for an appointment.

Sports Injuries

Our chiropractic clinic in Las Cruces is especially known for helping people with sports injuries because Dr. Smith has an extensive resume as a sports chiropractor. Whether it’s you or your child that has sustained an injury from a sport, a chiropractic treatment from us could help.

Work Injuries

Sustaining an injury at work is both emotionally and physically difficult. The team at Smith Wellness understands this and has a background working with worker’s compensation to deliver you chiropractic adjustments, electrotherapy, deep tissue massages, and more to offer you pain relief. We’ll work with your workman’s comp to help you heal.

Looking for a “chiropractor near me”? If you live in Truth or Consequences, Lordsburg, El Paso, Alamogordo, or, of course, Las Cruces, then Smith Wellness can help. Check out our chiropractic treatments and contact us today to set up an appointment at our chiropractic clinic.