You’ve done your research and have now left the chiropractor and headed back into work for the day. It all started with searching for a “chiropractor near me,” and the next thing you knew, you were meeting with a back pain doctor for a chiropractic adjustment.

Have you done your research for what to do after a chiropractic massage or treatment? Most people visit their local chiropractor, feel great, and are on their way; however, if you don’t do certain things after your chiropractic adjustment then you may end up searching for “chiropractor near me” again before you know it!

Here at Smith Wellness, we aim to be your resource. As a family chiropractic, we write blogs on a range of subjects, including why to visit a chiropractor, benefits of chiropractic care for children, or how a chiropractor can help with auto injuries. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss something a little different, but nonetheless helpful: what to do after a chiropractic adjustment. Read below to learn more, and then contact us today to schedule your next chiropractic massage, lower back pain treatment, or neck pain relief appointment!

Drink Water

Just like you should drink a lot of water after working out, you should do the same after a spinal adjustment. This will help nourish the discs between your vertebrae, which, in turn, will keep your spine flexible.

Sleep Properly

You want to maintain your healthy, pain-free back for as long as possible — so sleep on it properly! Use a pillow that conforms to the shape of your spine (talk to your chiropractor if you have questions about this) and sleep on your side or back.

Avoid Sitting For Long Periods

To keep your spine in proper alignment, which your local chiropractor helped you achieve, it’s best to keep your spine in motion so it has time to adapt. When you do have to sit, try taking a walk beforehand and sitting properly by maintaining a neutral position and keeping your feet flat on the floor.

Chiropractor Near Me In Las Cruces

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